Wireless Smart Lighting Control At Your Fingertips

We envision a world where lighting intuitively adapts and optimizes to your needs, activities, and well-being while also saving you money.

The right lighting at the right time

We envision a world where lighting automatically and intuitively adapts to people’s needs, activities and moods!

Wireless Smart Lighting Control At Your Fingertips

We envision a world where lighting intuitively adapts and optimizes to your needs, activities, and well-being while also saving you money.


Award-winning lighting mood interfaces and curated lighting content right at your fingertips.


LumiFi is the future of smart lighting. As a design and technology-centric company, we use fully-composed, preconfigured lighting software solutions to enhance people's lifestyles the way Sonos does with music and Nest does with temperature.

Our software incorporates LED wireless enabled lighting technology from multiple manufacturers and the expertise of our award-winning lighting designers to transform the way we interact with lighting in our homes, hotel rooms, workplaces and more.


LumiFi is a wireless smart lighting control management platform integrating established 3rd party IoT-enabled lighting hardware manufacturers across multiple wireless protocols into one seamless experience. LumiFi offers a complete ecosystem that allows property and hotel operators to wirelessly configure, control, manage, and optimize their lighting environments. LumiFi’s platform empowers users to transform the way they experience lighting with intuitive features and tailored light scenes. LumiFi easily configures for different applications and spaces.


LumiFi’s lighting control software has a wide range of capabilities, functionalities, and features available through tiered product packages to suit our clients' project requirements.


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Explore LumiFi PRO Solutions


The LumiFi Experience

The LumiFi Experience - Explore Our Product Offering

How Are We Different?

From Traditional Analog Lighting To Smart Digital Lighting

Traditional Analog Lighting

• Expensive & Low Energy Efficiency
Wired & Hardware-Based
Long Planning Phase & Installation Time
Requires Experts to Maintain and Make Changes
Inflexible Closed System

Smart Digital Lighting

• Cost-Effective & Energy Efficient
Wireless & Software-Based
Refits Without Interruption to Business
DIY & Updates Over the Air
Flexible Open System

And more...

No complicated setup or configuration process    Designed lighting scenes for everyday use    DIY tool; no experts are required if you want to make any changes    A superior experience informed by award-winning lighting specialists and architects    Integrated multiple hardware into one interface    Our pre-composed lighting moods are informed by location and light fixture specific information


What Is Smart Lighting?

Have you ever wondered what lighting can do for you beyond just basic, functional illumination? Smart lighting is about giving you the right lighting when you need it as it adapts automatically to your needs, activities and moods. > Imagine: You never need to touch a light switch again. You’re walking into your home and your lights immediately turn on, automatically adjusting to your preferred lighting mood.

Benefits of Human-Centric Lighting

Lighting has the potential to transform our well-being and the atmosphere of a space if properly configured. Studies show that tunable white lighting, which adjusts dynamically to the time of the day, affects circadian rhythm and helps us wake up easier in the morning by feeling more alert and energized. In the hospitality industry, it can also help travelers deal with jet lag mitigation to adapt more quickly to their new location or in a work environment it affects employees performance and concentration.

The Lighting Evolution

Smart lighting isn’t merely about adjusting the amount of white light in a room with an on/off switch, it is about changing the way we experience and interact with the light around us. It considers the ways in which certain light and color can trigger physiological, emotional and biological responses, and uses that information to provide the most innovative lighting experience.

Quality Levels of Lighting

The power of smart lighting goes beyond illumination — imagine what it can do to enhance the overall experience of your guests, their well-being and performance of your employees. Research indicates a significant link between lighting and employee concentration and productivity. For example, a hotel lobby significantly affects brand prestige, which leads to social value, brand attachment, and brand loyalty.

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