LumiFi PRO Custom / Commercial
LumiFi PRO Custom / Commercial
LumiFi PRO Custom / Commercial

LumiFi PRO Custom / Commercial

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This is our commercial software version for managing and controlling hundreds of lights supporting multiple manufacturers. They are customized PRO packages. The packages are tailored for a specific customer needs and focused on an application vertical. It contains everything that the PRO-Advanced has with certain features tailored for the application and also allows for additional integrations to tie into the larger building eco-system.

Feature Summary:
The "Commercial Packages" come with multiple roles where each has different permissions and access to features and functionalities. Our three default roles are IT-Manager, Designer/Operator and Guest. The IT Manager has all access and includes all project setup capabilities while the designer / operator role provides access to the project lighting control and scheduling functionalities and the guest role only provides access to plighting control with the ability to personalize settings.

The three default roles include:

  • IT-Manager: All access and all project setup capabilities
  • Designer/Operator: Access to project lighting control and scheduling functionalities
  • Guest:   Access to lighting control with the ability to personalize settings

LumiFi System ComponentsLumiFi Pro Elements

All LumiFi PRO Software packages require a LumiFi PRO Controller, 3rd party wireless lighting hardware, and an initial system setup. All 3rd party hardware is lighting manufacturer specific for more details click here. System setup support is available at LumiFi’s resource library or through 3rd Party integrators. Recommendations are available upon request.

LumiFi's Standard Features include

• Lighting Control for dimming, tunable white and color changing

• "Scan & Go": Easy transfer and sharing of light settings via our cloud based profile hosting and project configuration specific QR-codes

• Supports interfacing with multiple lighting manufacturers products and wireless gateways all in one seamless experience

• Scheduling functionality includes astrological time clock for customized events based on location settings together with sunset & sunrise times

• Award-winning, intuitive User Interfaces

• Expertly-designed preset lighting scenes (pre-configured lighting content) for improved workflow & programming time savings and location due to its patented algorithm

• Curated, patented pre-configured light scenes which are fully customizable in real-time Ability to personalize light settings and reset them to project defaults

• Real-time communication and synching of light settings between mobile and web

• Resource library with manuals and video tutorials and help sections on web


LumiFi's custom pre-configured and tailored commercial packages

Commercial (Custom) Packages HOTEL/ HOSPITAL GUEST ROOM
(private space)
(public space)
(private space)
(public space)
Overview Our intuitive Mobile App control with web-access, editing and customization functionality tailored to the needs of the customer user case.
Web-Credentials & Project Setup
Cloud Hosted Profiles Variable Variable Variable Variable
Pre-configured Light Scenes 8 8 8 8
Custom Light Scenes 4 4 4 4
Login with User Role for IT Manager
Login for Designer / Operator
Login with User Role for Guest
Profile Setup
Room Light Manager
Light Scene Manager
Remote Light Setting Management
Hardware Manager
Remote Profile Setup
Web-based Commissioning Tools
Configuration Templates
Template Light Matrix
Project Light Matrix
Commissioning of web profiles
Profile Manager
Edit Light Settings (Lights & Groups)
Ability to customize settings
Schedule List (one-time events)
Sleep Timer / Wake-up Alarm

Weekly 24/7 Schedule Manager
Profile Manager
Profile Light Matrix
Room Profile Manager
Weekly 24/7 Schedule Manager
Custom branding & user interfaces
Reset of personalized light settings to Project Defaults, e.g. by guests
Single App mode (Kiosk Mode); only allows access to LumiFi App  


Additional Functionalities Available

    • Additional Lighting Manufacturer Integration
    •  Additional Profiles
    •  Additional Light Scenes
    •  Additional Logins
    •  Custom Roles with select functionalities
    •  Configuration Templates
    •  Custom branding & user interfaces eg. Client Logo powered by LumiFi
    •  Voice Control in partnership with Volara
    •  Reset of personalized light settings to Project Defaults, e.g. by guests
    •  Single App mode (Kiosk Mode); only allows access to LumiFi App
    •  Analytics (in progress)
    •  Web Cloud API / Android LITE SDK
    •  Customer Support upon request


      LumiFi PRO - CUSTOM Package:  

      For pricing on a custom package of features and services, Please contact LumiFi customer service to discuss or fill out our RFP form here.


      How to setup LumiFi Pro Advanced  / Commercial Package


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