LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package
LumiFi PRO Standard Package

LumiFi PRO Standard Package

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Feature Summary
The Standard Package offers our simplest 'plug & play' and 'set & forget' solution with mobile App control pre-loaded with our standard configurations, and cloud profile hosting for backing up and sharing of project settings together with our Web-based project setup tools. The web-access is for initial setup and commissioning (Room Light Manager and Hardware Manager).

LumiFi System Components
It consists of the mobile Apps, our website with access to commissioning and cloud hosting and requires the LumiFi PRO Controller.

All LumiFi PRO Software packages require a LumiFi PRO Controller, 3rd party wireless lighting hardware, and an initial system setup. All 3rd party hardware is lighting manufacturer specific for more details click here. System setup support is available at LumiFi’s resource library or through 3rd Party integrators. Recommendations are available upon request.

LumiFi Pro is a scalable solution for small business and commercial spaces to manage and control hundreds of lights supporting multiple manufacturers incl. Philips Hue above 50 lights and including Xicato, Ketra, and Crestron. It was built to support environments with multiple users, the need for customizable 'lightmospheres', and schedule automation.

Do you want to add more functionality such as the web-based weekly Schedule Manager, the Lightscene Manager, the Room Profile Manager and much more?


LumiFi's Standard Features include


• Lighting Control for dimming, tunable white and color changing

• "Scan & Go": Easy transfer and sharing of light settings via our cloud based profile hosting and project configuration specific QR-codes

• Supports interfacing with multiple lighting manufacturers products and wireless gateways all in one seamless experience

• Scheduling functionality includes astrological time clock for customized events based on location settings together with sunset & sunrise times

• Award-winning, intuitive User Interfaces

• Expertly-designed preset lighting scenes (pre-configured lighting content) for improved workflow & programming time savings and location due to its patented algorithm

• Curated, patented pre-configured light scenes which are fully customizable in real-time Ability to personalize light settings and reset them to project defaults

• Real-time communication and synching of light settings between mobile and web

• Resource library with manuals and video tutorials and help sections on web

Standard PRO Package Features Include


• Mobile App Interface
• Web-Interface

User Management with Access Privileges
• Default Login for web & mobile (Registration)
• Multi-Project Management
• 1x Default User Role with a defined set of permissions

Profile Hosting
• Profile Cloud Hosting
• Profile Manager (Profile Overview)
• Real-time syncing of Profile & Light Settings

Lightscene Management
• Award-winning Lightscene Interfaces
• 12 Preset / Default Lightscenes

Light Setting Management*
• Edit individual Light in Lightscene
• Edit All Lights in Scenes (Room/Group Edit)
• Reset of modified Lightscene Settings to Profile Defaults
• Room Control (on/off & brightness toggle by room)
• Room Light Manager (Edit Light & Room Layout Settings)
• Profile Light Matrix (central overview)

Schedule Features
• Sunrise / Sunset Astrological Time Clock
• One-time Event/Schedule List
• Sleep Timer / Wake-up Alarm

Setup & Commissioning Tool
• Preconfigured & designed Lighting Content (patented)
• Support of multiple gateways (by different manufacturers)
• Mobile Commissioning
• Hardware Manager
• Web-based Project Setup & Commissioning

3rd Party Lighting Manufacturer Control*
• Philips Hue
• Xicato GalaXi (V.171-2)
• Ketra ** (API V3; Firmware V1.14)

• LumiFi PRO Controller (Central Local Server)
• Resource library (Tutorials, manuals & videos)

* Includes Light Types: Dimming, Tunable White, RGB Color changing, CIE 1931 color changing which depend on hardware manufacturer
** Due to limitation in the API not all functionalities are enabled in the packages; primarily the saving of light settings. Only temporary changes can be made.

Available Additional Functionalities Offered

    • • Additional Lighting Manufacturer Integration
    • • Additional Profiles
    • • Additional Light Scenes
    • • Additional Logins
    • • Custom Roles with select functionalities
    • • Configuration Templates
    • • Custom branding & user interfaces eg. Client Logo powered by LumiFi
    • • Voice Control in partnership with Volara
    • • Reset of personalized light settings to Project Defaults, e.g. by guests
    • • Single App mode (Kiosk Mode); only allows access to LumiFi App
    • • Analytics (in progress)
    • • Web Cloud API / Android LITE SDK
    • • Customer Support upon request

      How to Setup LumiFi Pro Standard

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