About LumiFi


LumiFi is the future of smart lighting. As a design and technology-centric company, we use fully-composed, preconfigured lighting software solutions to enhance people's lifestyles, much in the way Sonos does with music and Nest does with temperature.

We envision a world where lighting automatically and intuitively adapts to people’s needs, activities and moods!

Our software incorporates LED wireless enabled lighting technology from multiple manufacturers and the expertise of our award-winning lighting designers to transform the way we interact with lighting in our homes, hotel rooms, workplaces and more.

Our Background & Experience:

Our team of award-winning lighting designers, architects, designers and programmers have unparalleled expertise, experience and a proven track record to improve your lighting experience.

Founded in 2014 by Beatrice Witzgall, a German-trained architect and award-winning lighting designer, the LumiFi team is an international collective of lighting designers, architects, IT architecture specialists, programmers, and graphic and UX/UI designers with a passion for fostering emotional responses through technology.

Combining German design and engineering with American expertise and ingenuity, we have an established history working on innovative, interactive and responsive spaces infused with technology.

Here are some of i3D,inc / Beatrice Witzgall's past project work examples:
Novartis Headquarters