Product Overview

LumiFi enables control of wireless lighting hardware across multiple manufacturers and gives designers and users the tools to manage, control, and personalize their lighting right from the palm of their hand. LumiFi's award winning drag and drop user interface simplifies programming and commissioning by requiring just a few clicks in its light matrix. LumiFi’s patented algorithm pre-configures lighting scenes, offering curated content for any space, eliminating hours of set up, and needs only minimal fine-tuning to tailor to individual personal preferences.

LumiFi’s software has a wide range of capabilities, functionalities, and features available through tiered product packages to suit our clients' project requirements.

As an open IoT platform ("Internet-of-Things"), we offer FLEXIBILITY & SIMPLICITY with our highly customizable and easy-to-use interfaces allowing for a personalized experience in two product suites: LITE Apps and PRO Software Solution.

LumiFi LITE Apps

This solution is best suited for personal use such as in apartments, smaller residences, and even small office spaces.

This is our home consumer version for managing and controlling lights with focus on Philips Hue support for around 50 lights.

The lighting control logic is embedded within the app and simply communicates directly with Wi-Fi-enabled lighting hardware.

If you wonder how we are different from the Philips Hue App, please look here.

LumiFi PRO Software Solution

This is our small business and commercial software version for larger scale projects in which users will be managing and controlling hundreds of lights. LumiFi’s software supports multiple manufacturers including Philips Hue and Xicato just to name a few.

This solution is ideal for hotels and hospitality spaces, conference rooms, offices, retail stores, residences, as well as corridors and other open plan spatial arrangements. The LumiFi Pro package was built to support environments with multiple users, to provide customizable 'lightmospheres', and to enable schedule automation.



Product Packages - Lite:

It comes in three options: Free, Starter, and Advanced Apps - all designed to cater to varying level of lighting control and management needs.


  • LumiFi LITE Free Version:
    Basic Package which allows users access to the LumiFi mobile application.

  • LumiFi LITE Starter App:
    Intermediate package which allows users access to the LumiFi mobile application, sharing of light settings across users and our cloud hosting option.

  • LumiFi LITE Advanced App:
    Advanced package which adds Web interface access with additional functionalities on top of access to the Mobile application, sharing of light settings across users and cloud hosting option.
For more complex and scalable setups please look into our PRO software offering.

    Product Packages - PRO:

    Our Lighting Control & Management Solution:

    • LumiFi PRO Standard Package:
      It offers a simple to use mobile App with cloud hosting for backing up and sharing of project settings targeted at plug-and-play simplicity. It does offer web-access for the initial setup and commissioning.

    • LumiFi PRO Advanced Package:
      A full web-access platform with additional customization and setup options for functions within the project as well as modifications to both mobile and web application user interfaces. 
    • LumiFi PRO Custom / Commercial Package:
      Customer application focused packages such as Hospitality Guestrooms, Corridors, Offices, Restaurants.

    • CUSTOM packages are available on request or RFP

    Our User Experience Products:
    • Design Studio:
      Design, plan and setup your project ahead of the install on the web and mobile interface.

    • Explore Demo:
      Explore and test sample projects by accessing our mobile and web interface.

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    LumiFi Product Offering - Package Overview