LITE Free App

LumiFi Lite free mobile App features include:

  • Mobile App Interface

Lightscene Management

  • Award-winning Lightscene Interfaces
  • 12x Preset / Default Lightscenes

Light Setting Management*

  • Edit individual Light in Lightscene
  • Edit All Lights in Scenes (Room/Group Edit)
  • Reset of modified Lightscene Settings to Profile Defaults
  • Room Control (on/off & brightness toggle by room)

Schedule Features

  • Sunrise / Sunset Astrological Time Clock
  • One-time Event/Schedule List
  • Sleep Timer / Wake-up Alarm

Setup & Commissioning Tool

      • Preconfigured & designed Lighting Content (patented)
      • Mobile Commissioning

3rd Party Lighting Manufacturer Control*

    • Philips Hue
    • Crestron
    • TSR (discontinued)
    • TCP Connected (discontinued)

* Includes Light Types: Dimming, Tunable White, RGB Color changing depending on the hardware manufacturer

 LumiFi LITE Summary

The LumiFi Lite App is a smart, energy saving lighting and lifestyle app, available for iOS & Android that communicates with Phillips Hue Wi-Fi enabled lighting hardware, to personalize, control and manage the lighting in your home, office or workspace at the touch of a button.  The LumiFi Lite mobile app connects seamlessly with your wi-fi enabled Phillips Hue, providing you with control to set lighting and ambiance of any room, right from the palm of your hand. The pre-configured award-winning lighting moods provide ambiance "lightmospheres" for an immersive experience and make your space comfortable, smart and energy efficient.

The lighting control logic is embedded within the app and simply communicates directly with Wi-Fi-enabled lighting hardware. For more complex and scalable setups please look into our PRO software offering.

Basic Setup Flow

12 Award-winning LumiFi lighting moods

  • Moods include: Energize, Relax, Focus, Rest, Sexy, Lounge, Event, Romance, TV, Party, Socialize, Meeting.

  • "Scan & Go"lets you easily share light settings with QR-codes.

  • Lighting control for dimming, tunable white and color changing light.

  • The ability to customize light settings and light scenes.

  • Customizable and individually controllable lights.

  • Extensive scheduling capabilities including a schedule list, sleep timer and wake-up alarm.

  • Scheduling functionality includes astrological time clock (sunset & sunrise related).

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