PRO Advanced Package

LumiFi's Standard Features include

• Lighting Control for dimming, tunable white and color changing

• "Scan & Go": Easy transfer and sharing of light settings via our cloud based profile hosting and project configuration specific QR-codes

• Supports interfacing with multiple lighting manufacturers products and wireless gateways all in one seamless experience

• Scheduling functionality includes astrological time clock for customized events based on location settings together with sunset & sunrise times

• Award-winning, intuitive User Interfaces

• Expertly-designed preset lighting scenes (pre-configured lighting content) for improved workflow & programming time savings and location due to its patented algorithm

• Curated, patented pre-configured light scenes which are fully customizable in real-time Ability to personalize light settings and reset them to project defaults

• Real-time communication and synching of light settings between mobile and web

• Resource library with manuals and video tutorials and help sections on web


  • Mobile App Interface
  • Web-Interface

User Management with Access Privileges

  • Default Login for web & mobile (Registration)
  • Multi-Project Management
  • 1x Default User Role with a defined set of permissions

Profile Hosting

  • Profile Cloud Hosting
  • Profile Manager (Profile Overview)
  • Real-time synching of Profile & Light Settings
  • Room Profile Manager

Lightscene Management

  • Award-winning Lightscene Interfaces
  • 12x Preset / Default Lightscenes
  • Light Scene Manager: Modify Default Lightscenes
  • Light Scene Manager: Adding of new light scenes
  • Light Scene Manager: Customize Interface Look

Light Setting Management*

  • Edit individual Light in Lightscene
  • Edit All Lights in Scenes (Room/Group Edit)
  • Reset of modified Lightscene Settings to Profile Defaults
  • Numeric input for light setting edits **
  • Room Control (on/off & brightness toggle by room)
  • Room Light Manager (Edit Light & Room Layout Settings)
  • Profile Light Matrix (central overview)
  • Project Light Matrix

Schedule Features

  • Sunrise / Sunset Astrological Time Clock
  • One-time Event/Schedule List
  • Sleep Timer / Wakeup Alarm
  • 24/7 weekly Schedule Manager (Mobile)
  • 24/7 weekly Schedule Manager (Web)

Setup & Commissioning Tool

  • Preconfigured & designed Lighting Content (patented)
  • Support of multiple gateways (by different manufacturers)
  • Mobile Commissioning
  • Hardware Manager
  • Web-Based Project Setup & Commissioning

3rd Party Lighting Manufacturer Control*

  • Philips Hue
  • Xicato GalaXi (V.171-2)
  • Ketra *** (API V3;  Firmware V1.14)


  • LumiFi PRO Controller (Central Local Server)
  • Resource library (Tutorials, manuals & videos)

* Includes Light Types: Dimming, Tunable White, RGB Color changing, CIE 1931 color changing which depend on hardware manufacturer
** Availability and ability depends and varies on role; guest role typically doesn’t show the numeric input
*** Due to limitation in the API not all functionalities are enabled in the packages; primarily the saving of light settings. Only temporary changes can be made.

Available Additional Functionalities Offered

    • Additional Lighting Manufacturer Integration
    • Additional Profiles
    • Additional Light Scenes
    • Additional Logins
    • Custom Roles with select functionalities
    • Configuration Templates
    • Custom branding & user interfaces eg. Client Logo powered by LumiFi
    • Voice Control in partnership with Volara
    • Reset of personalized light settings to Project Defaults, e.g. by guests
    • Single App mode (Kiosk Mode); only allows access to LumiFi App
    • Analytics (in progress)
    • Web Cloud API / Android LITE SDK
    • Customer Support upon request

    How to setup LumiFi Pro Advanced 

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