Control 4

Control 4

Features LumiFi Lite Free LumiFi Lite Starter
(Mobile Control with Profile Hosting)
LumiFi Lite Advanced
(Mobile Control and Web Access with Profile Hosting)
  $0 $ 2.99
per profile/monthly
$ 5.99
per profile/monthly
Mobile App
Lightscene Management
Award-winning Lightscene Interfaces
Preset / Default Lightscenes (12) 12 12 12
Light Scene Manager: Modify Default Lightscenes    
Light Scene Manager: Adding of new light scenes    
Light Scene Manager: Customize Interface Look    

Light Setting Management*

Edit individual Light in Lightscene
Edit All Lights in Scenes (Group Edit)
Reset of modified Lightscene Settings to Project Defaults
Numeric input for lightsetting edits **    
Room Control (on/off & brightness toggle by room)
Room Light Manager (Edit Light & Room Layout Settings)  
Profile Light Matrix (central overview)    
Schedule Features
Sunrise / Sunset Astrological Time
One-time Event List
Sleep Timer / Wakeup Alarm
24/7 weekly Schedule Manager (Mobile)    
Setup & Commissioning Tool
Preconfigured & designed Lighting Content (patented)
Mobile Commissioning  
Hardware Manager    
Web-Based Project Setup & Commissioning    
3rd Party Lighting Manufacturer Control*
Philips Hue
TCP Connected (discontinued)
User Management with Access Privileges
Default Login for web & mobile (Registration)  
Multi-Project Management  
Default User Role with a defined set of permissions   1 1
Profile Hosting
Profile Cloud Hosting  
Profile Manager (Profile Overview)  
Resource library (Tutorials, manuals & videos)  
On Request / Additional Features
Custom Logins  
Custom defined roles with selected permissions  
Branding & White-labelling (Mobile Logo Upload)  
Android LITE: Reset of all settings to project default
Embedding Lighting control to 3rd Party Applications
through for Android LITE SDK

* Includes Light Types: Dimming, Tunable White, RGB Color changing, CIE 1931 color-changing depended on the hardware manufacturer.

* *Availability and ability depend and varies by role; guest role typically doesn’t show the numeric input Light Scene Manager.

Light Scene Manager:
Edit Default Lightscenes: (Rename, Disable / Enable, reorder) .
Adding new light scenes:
Customize Interface Look: (create & upload your own background)