LumiFi Technology

LumiFi is a wireless lighting control management platform integrating third-party IoT-enabled lighting hardware manufacturers, across multiple wireless protocols, into one seamless lighting experience. LumiFi provides a complete ecosystem that allows property operators to wirelessly configure, control, manage, and optimize their lighting environments. LumiFi's four-part ecosystem manages the complexities of wireless lighting control so that you can simply optimize your environment and user experience with advanced technology.

LumiFi offers a wide range of pre-configured lighting scenes that can be easily modified and innovative features including a schedule list, weekly schedule manager view with an astrological clock, sleep timers, wake-up alarms, grouping or room management. As a complete software solution, LumiFi supports color changing, tunable white for the full spectrum of natural daylight, and dimmable light capabilities depending on the hardware. LumiFi works with third-party lighting hardware manufacturers offering an API for seamless integration.


The LumiFi System
Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)

LumiFi offers award-winning intuitive mobile interfaces that can be customized in appearance and tailored in functionality according to the project type. Users can easily control light scenes, personalize their settings and access additional features. The look and functionality of the mobile apps can be adjusted depending on the type of project and client's preferences.

Web Management Platform                                  

LumiFi's web management platform provides a central project and light management portal, including analytics. It enables the user to manage project light settings, light scenes, features, permissions, roles and configuration templates. It also allows users to edit light scenes with their custom settings and set project schedules or access the controller dashboard by providing different access levels for various user roles.

Location-Based Controller

Our on-site controller device facilitates communication between the user's mobile devices and the lighting hardware from multiple manufacturers and platforms. It ensures reliability, monitors the hardware status and reports on analytics. It is installed locally on site and set up by LumiFi trained personnel.

Cloud Hosting & Web API                                    

Cloud Storage for lighting projects and profile settings allows sharing of project and profile settings across multiple user roles, permissions, and hosts a project's profile authorization codes.