LumiFi User Experience Demo

LumiFi Pro User Experience Demo

The User Experience Demo provides web login credentials for a 'dummy' project which showcases all of LumiFi’s software features and capabilities in use on pre-configured project examples and in the form of an interactive guided tour.

The User Experience Demo contains 5 hosted example project profiles with rooms, light scenes, uncommissioned lights etc. simulating the experiences users will encounter and work with when commissioning and using the system.

The profiles (residence, office, hotel corridor, exhibition space and guest room) are not controlling or monitoring a “live” system, and resets after 48hrs. Users are encouraged to play with the settings and see what the software is capable of. 

It is intended as an easy tool to tinker with the system and experience how simple and intuitive our lighting management platform and user interfaces are. The mobile experience can be viewed, simply by scanning the Profile QR-code.