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We provide Customer Support during a project setup time up to 1 month from deployment after which we can provide customer support based on a time card. Please email us if you are interested and we will try to get back to you within 1-2 business days.

If you have any specific issues please list an outline of the problem and include your project code / username; the platform and devices used and which manufacturer you work with. The more detailed information you can provide us, the better enabled we are to respond to you with constructive advice. 


Please be sure to backup your project settings once you have completed your project setup. You can backup your light settings on the project website on the profile light matrix page. There you can download all light settings for your project as a PDF or Excel sheet. In addition, we do daily overall database backups all settings on the secure Amazon Cloud Servers. The backup service is available based on the selected product package. Please note that restoring a project from the backup server and into your project database must be done manually by the LumiFi developer based on a time card at your cost.

Professional Integrators

We also have specific integrators we have trained and work with and are familiar with setting up and supporting LumiFi. They offer their services as system integrators.

Integrators we work with:

Other Resources

In addition, we also have a range of additional resources such as manuals and tutorial videos that will help to navigate the LumiFi platform. You can find them in the Help section of your project website. We also offer FAQ / Help Section on the website where you can look for further information.

The tutorial videos include: