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The LumiFi System 

1. Mobile Apps (iOS, Android) Award-winning, Intuitive Interface to control light scenes and lights
2. Web Management Platform Central Configuration and Project Setup Portal
3. Cloud Hosting & Web API Cloud Storage for Lighting Projects & Profile Settings

LumiFi's Basic Software is used for demos, pilot projects, software demos or residential consumer use. The lighting control logic is embedded within the app and simply communicates directly with Wi-Fi-enabled lighting hardware. 

The Simplified “Mobile As The Controller” Model Description:

In the simplified model, LumiFi has mobile apps acting as controllers, which talk directly to the light or the manufacturer bridge, such as Philips Hue or TCP bridges depending on the protocol. In a bridge setup, the bridge distributes commands to all the connected lights. The bridge also has a built-in functionality to program schedules and change light scenes at a specific moment in time (or related to a sunrise/sunset calendar), because the features and functionalities vary by manufacturer and offer a less consistent experience. The app, as a controller model, has limited control and reliability, as there is no verification that commands sent by the bridge were actually executed or not lost due to connectivity issues. The bridge is not designed to support custom and complex logic in a large-scale commercial environment, like dynamic and interactive scene changes or reacting to events from a third party system such as Crestron or how to resolve multi-device conflict or settings persistence. This is why LumiFi offers its commercial level product, which includes a local controller setup (please refer to the LumiFi Hospitality product sheet for additional details).