LumiFi PRO Controller
LumiFi PRO Controller
LumiFi PRO Controller
LumiFi PRO Controller

LumiFi PRO Controller

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The LumiFi Controller is a piece of hardware exclusively for use with the LumiFi Pro version, which acts as a central local server, which is responsible for communications between the different system components. It does this by executing the central control logic for the mobile and web applications and distributing lighting control commands as well as providing feedback for monitoring to the applications and adding reliability. It must be included as part of the local network.

Each LumiFi PRO Controller needs to be purchased in conjunction with the LumiFi PRO software license and can support up to 15 profiles.

It incorporated both wireless 802.11 and Bluetooth capabilities and has to be physically connected to the local network. It also provides cross checks and validations, increasing reliability, monitoring, analytics and troubleshooting capabilities. It comes with US power plug and can be easily converted with a local plug adapter.


Software Properties

• Pre-configured and packaged on-site device with LumiFi controller software
• Versions vary on software; for details please check compatibility matrix by project or license
• It is supported by iOS & Android LumiFi's PRO mobile apps. Software License has to be purchased separately.

Physical Requirements

• 3rd party off-the-shelf Android hardware box with 2GB memory & 8GB Flash storage with Dual WIFI 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ;
• Ethernet & USB port; comes with remote to setup
• Dimension: 5.06" x 5.06" x 1.18"
• Weight: 26.46 ounces (~1.6 pounds)
• Power DC 5V/2A (with US power cable adapter) for other countries, an adapter is required
• 10 Watts

General Requirements

• Device needs power and Ethernet access and has to be able to directly communicate with the manufacturer gateway and be part of the project lighting wireless network.

• Number/Placement per LumiFi based on project drawings, it depends on profile quantity or range
• Each device manages a minimum of 15 profiles; profiles can have unlimited lights and rooms/groups.
• With over the air automatic updates (via Airdroid)


LumiFi's feature-rich, complete software lighting control ecosystem allow property operators to wirelessly control and optimize their lighting experiences without any hassle!


System Overview





Communication Protocols: 
• Wireless 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.0

Compatible Manufacturer Gateways:
• Philips Hue: up to 50 lights with approx 20m 
• Xicato XIG 0101: recommended range around 75ft pending potential interferences
• Ketra N4: up to 49 lights with approx 50 feet

LumiFi product number:
• LUMCON-1 (by Anewish) (2017)
• LUMCON-2 (by MXQ-Pro) (2018)

Setup Instructions:
For details please see our "Controller Setup Manual" or watch our video tutorial. Or go on the web-admin platform in the resource/help section.